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Void labels - Security Label Solution

Tamper Evident

Tamper evident labels will reveals a VOID or Customised message when anyone tries to peel or tamper the label throigh the surface. Our non-residue labels can be customized to your specifications, such as logos, messages, consecutive numbering, and barcodes. Custom sizes, colors, shapes and roll quantities are available. We have different types of Tamper evident labels based on end use.

Hologram Labels

We offers unique robust security hologram stickers for document and product protection. Our hologram brand protection solutions comprise of multi-level security holographic labels with overt, covert and forensic features. Tamper evident features and security taggants in the holographic security stickers help to ensure that consumers and inspectors identify parallel trading, counterfeits, warranty return fraud, product dilution or production overrun.

Tamper Proof Labels

Special Security Labels

Track & Trace Solution

High Quality Label Solutions for all type of Industries

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