Label Solution

Pressure Sensitive Labels

Pressure Sensitive labeling can be used on almost any type of material and can be custom-made to fit any shape and size

Cut & Stack

Cut and Stack Labels are labels that are printed in bulk on large sheets, cut, and stacked.

Shrink Sleeves

Shrink Sleeve labels are full-color 360-degree printed labels printed on either plastic or polyester film material.

Wrap Around

Unlike most self-adhesive labels, wrap-around labels are applied to the entire circumference of the container

Carry Handle

Carry Handle Labels are applied to products just like any other packaging label. They include promotional messages.

Speciality Labels

Minus zero degree temperatures, Chemical resistant labels, battery Labels, Heat resistant Labels, Stain-free textile labels Etc

Beverage Label Solutions

Beverage label solutions requirements are unique in terms of its ability to withstand varying temperatures in different conditions, along with the challenges to manage moisture, frictions at the same time provide adequate information about product contents. This includes products like Beer, wine & spirits, including coffee, juices, soft drinks, water, etc. We specialize in not only meeting the large quantity requirements of established brands but also can meet short quantity requirements of new developments. General colors and graphic images used in beverage labels speak volumes of the brand image it represents and enhances the shelf appeal. It also has a Brand logo for a constant reminder to customers and to attract potential clients.


Various Product Solutions which we offer in the segment are:  

  1. Pressure Sensitive Labels (PSL)
    • Functional Labels
    • Promotional Labels
  2. Cut & Stack:
  3. Shrink Sleeves (SSL)
  4. Wrap Around
  5. Carry Handle
  6. Brand Protection & Security Solutions

If you need high-quality Beverage labels. We offer the following label printing capabilities:

  • Digital label printing: Primarily for short-run, small quantity solutions
  • Flexographic printing: Narrow web Long runs.

Premium Label Solutions for all type of Industries

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