How Kimoha stood against the Covid 19

How Kimoha stood against the Covid 19

How Kimoha stood against the Covid 19 Pandemic with Zero mandays lockdown, helped the supply chain to flow.

Novel Corona Virus (Covid 19) is a global disease outbreak. As the international response continues to develop, we know that organizations across the Middle East are facing significant challenges which they need to respond rapidly. We as one family stood against the pandemic with clear understanding and strategies in each phase. In an attempt to secure safe operations and ensure to take necessary precautionary measures against COVID-19 outbreak, Kimoha monitored the evolving situation very closely and necessary actions are being taken from time to time. 

The leadership and emergency responses team were in close contact with the authorities, supply chain, partners and other interested parties to ensure a safe and secure way of fulfilling each one of theirs requirements, extra care was given to supply safe, healthy & quality products.

Kimoha followed the recommendation issued by WHO on 03rd March 2022 on the subject “getting your workplace ready.” This helped us to identify the suspected cases proactively and conducted more number of Covid 19 tests. The quarantine at the right stages helped us to have a smaller number of infected cases. Apart from the WHO recommendation, regular and daily disinfection of warehouse, factory, accommodation carried out, awareness created among employees, sick leave monitored and only allowed to the duty after medical tests, temperature were recorded for all the employees, Work from home & personal hygiene were encouraged.

Kimoha is a family, employees live here. The responsible approach and contribution of each members contribution helped the organisation to fulfill the stakeholders demand without any interruption.

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