Label Solution

Pressure Sensitive Labels

Pressure Sensitive labeling can be used on almost any type of material and can be custom-made to fit any shape and size

Shrink Sleeves

Shrink Sleeve labels are full-color 360-degree printed labels printed on either plastic or polyester film material.

Wrap Around

Unlike most self-adhesive labels, wrap-around labels are applied to the entire circumference of the container

Carry Handle

Carry Handle Labels are applied to products just like any other packaging label. They include promotional messages.

Security Solutions

security labels are created for critical items that demand the highest form of protection against tampering, illegal handling, and counterfeiting.

Speciality Labels

Minus zero degree temperatures, Chemical resistant labels, battery Labels, Heat resistant Labels, Stain-free textile labels Etc

Retail Labels

These are product identification labels and created based on the nature of different uses in the retail segment. Such Labels are applied on labels, whose life can vary based on supply chain


Various Product Solutions which we offer in the segment are:  

  • Pressure Sensitive Labels (PSL)
    • Weighing Scale Labels:  Which contains Variable Information based on products which are sold based on varying measurements of quantities, sometimes directly applied to the products or applied on plastics or paper covers.
    • Private Label solution: applied on product labels for display and improving appearance.
    • Shelf Labels: Product Labels that can be removable, having a shorter life, should not leave any residue once removed
    • Garment Labels: Applied on Garments to display different sizes for different age groups with variable barcode information. Should not leave any residue on the garments
    • Promotional Labels: Buy 1 get 1, Extra Quantity Offers, Combo Packs, Coupons are some of the schemes under the promotional Labels category
  • Shrink Sleeves (SSL)
  • Wrap Around
  • Carry Handle
  • Speciality Labels
  • Brand Protection & Security Solutions


If you need high-quality Retail labels. We offer the following printing capabilities:

  • Digital label printing: Primarily for short-run, small quantity solutions
  • Flexographic printing: Narrow web Long runs.

High Quality Label Solutions for all type of Industries

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